Making Rumours Book Cover

Foreword by John Shanks

Rumours is an album I carry with me emotionally: the sound, the songs, the playing, the tension. It’s like Dark Side of the Moon: perfect as a whole, but with songs that stand alone as individual moments and that are hits. It’s one of the records that made me want to be a producer, a writer and, without a doubt, a guitar player.

It not only has some of the greatest guitar playing, the drums and bass are haunting and beautiful and strong, the arrangements add up to pure sonic perfection, and the singing and harmonies are some of the most beautiful ever.

It’s amazing that a record that features three singers feels so connected. Even though the band members were each hurting and falling apart, they’ve turned their personal pain into a collective grief and love.

In this way, Rumours exemplifies what great records should be. You bare your soul for all to share.

There is such joy and sorrow in the record that I still feel when I listen to it. From the darkness of “Gold Dust Woman” to the hope of “The Chain” and “Don’t Stop,” each song is its own movie.

Every day as I scan the radio dial for something to listen to, I always stop and reflect on the songs from Rumours when they pop up because they still sound great, and they’re better than most stuff out there.

I'm sure it was not an easy one to record and make, but Ken and Richard made it seem effortless.

The record still sounds as fresh and as important today as it did when it was released. And it will sound the same way tomorrow.

So thank you.

--John Shanks
Six-time Grammy nominee and Grammy Producer of the Year