Making Rumours Book Cover

Foreword by Colbie Caillat

Colbie CaillatWhenever I hear a song from Fleetwood Mac, I get a big smile on my face! Hearing their music reminds me of my childhood growing up in Malibu. My family lived in this little brown house on a cliff overlooking the ocean (the hill right above where the restaurant Duke’s is, which used to be the Sea Lion back then). My big sister Morgan and I would play in the backyard in our blow-up pool with our golden retriever Laz, and we'd blast "Second Hand News,” "Go Your Own Way,” "Songbird"....all my favorites! Whenever I hear those songs my eyes fill with happy tears from beautiful memories with my family when I was a little girl! Those were the days.... : )

Because of Fleetwood Mac, I learned to write meaningful and honest music with soaring melodies, and the importance of being able to listen to an album from start to finish. Working with my dad has been such a fun experience. I feel lucky that he's been a part of my last two records. I've learned so many things recording with him.

Every song of mine that he's produced has honestly been my favorite! He's such an enthusiastic producer and puts his heart in every project he works on. He has so much fun making music and wants every record he does to sound classic and timeless. He brings in unique and creative ideas, sounds and instruments to each song.

I know he learned so much from being a producer on the classic Fleetwood Mac records "Rumours" and "Tusk" and he's sprinkling some of that in to the music of today.

Today, when I hear "Second Hand News,” it makes me wanna get in my car, drive up the coast of California on a beautiful sunny day, windows down, hair blowing in the wind, singing this song at the top of my lungs! I hope you enjoy my father's book as much as I did.

--Colbie Caillat
Grammy Award-winning singer